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FiveE Technologies, India

FiveE Technologies was established for one reason:

Bring best of minds together for innovation in web technology with the objective of helping businesses perform better.


To reach out to the less fortunate and facilitate them in leading a life with sustained growth using technology as a means.


To be an organization that would create multiple innovations in web application and technology development.


Put together best minds to create technology innovations for the industry with the intent to make businesses perform better.

What drives us!

To put it simply: We love what we do.
And we need to take things to newer level each day and challenge the best.

What is our purpose?

One of the very fundamental question we all need to find an answer to. The Purpose. The reason of our coming into existence. This would guide us to the future.

  1. Use technology to build better lives
  2. Give back : Use and create free Open source technology

Open source technology is exponential growth for human race. Imagine no one ever would need to perform the same task once already done.