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FiveE Technologies has over the past decade developed numerous TYPO3 extensions and backend modules. The type of new extensions created by us range from simple to complicated multi-system extensions. We have created web applications using TYPO3 CMS that involved  Bar code scanners to intranet application for local area network to billing systems for shops. Write to us for development of new extension or customization.

Listed below are description of few extensions:

Word Linking

This extension is about hyper linking certain words in content elements.

Creating hyperlink of keywords in content is essential part of optimization of website for search engines. It is also crucial to not have same words be link to multiple Urls with different contents. 

Word linking extension is one such TYPO3 extension that serves the purpose of hyper linking specific word to certain Url. The extension has been codded keeping in mind efficiency of search and configuration flexibility. It has been tested to work fine on 4000+  page TYPO3 powered website.

Technical detail: It uses Regular Expression in both PHP and MySQL/MariaDB. It can be configured to link n number of words per column.  Multiple words/strings and Urls can be configured.  The application can be run from the BE module manually or can be configured as cron job on TYPO3 Scheduler or can be executed from the command prompt as well. 

Mini Cash register

This is a self hosted web application built using TYPO3 for management of cash, billing, Utility bill payment and product inventory management for shops. 

The extension and Cms forms a complete software package for local running on desktop as an independent software application. The application has barcode scanning feature for  Utility bill payment. The system also maintains records of transaction and cash register. It also has customer profiling feature. 

Webshop - tt_products

tt_productsTYPO3 extension is one of the oldest and most trusted web shop extension. It has great features and integrates well with the CMS. 

We have created many shop with tt_products and implemented payment gateways for many as well. A few of the interesting ones were: 

Selling Wines: It was an online shop to sell wine of various types. One of the feature we added was creation custom label for wine bottles. The customer could select image or upload own image and add text with choice of  fonts. These labels were generated by the system and later printed and pasted on to chosen wine bottles and delivered. 

Stock Photo / selling Image: Again this was another interesting TYPO3 extension for selling of photos. Image of various resolution were also generated on the fly. 

Stock Photo

This was a compete automated Stock photo website. The only action the website admin had to do was FTP the images! 

The whole website has automated category generation, multi resolution image generation, image content generation, secure download of images, user registration, payment and search feature too. The site admin had to upload one max resolution image with the required meta data in the image. The mete data were added to the image meta using custom software and than FTPed to the TYPO3 CMS server.

The extension module would extract the image meta data and add data to the system and make the image avaibale for sell on the site.